We purchased a new Puma at Wagners in Cleveland and we're very pleased with their service. It had no radio so we purchased one and my husband decided he didn't want to install it. We had an issue with a drawer not opening and the black water tank reading 1/3 full. We took the trailer to Wagners in Green Bay for the warranty work and have the radio installed.

When I called to get the price break down, Brad told me the price to install the radio was 235.00, it took 2 1/2 hours! I was told by Sound World and the sales rep in Cleveland it would take my husband an hour. I told Brad This was unacceptable, and told at the most should have taken an hour by a professional installer.

I called the Puma manufacture to verify, and they said for a dealer, it should take 15-30 minutes.

When we went to pick up the trailer, we were prepared for an arguement, but got an adjusted bill. We did pay for an hour of labor for the installation, but it was better than a fight. All our warranty work was completed as requested at no charge.

Even though you shouldn't need to, Be aware of prices and time needed to complete the work, be prepared with information from the manufacture if needed.

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